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  QY-70 At a Glance
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Michael Göransson writes:
I simply love it! It¥s a perfect compositionstool. Small, handy, usable with battery, filled with good sounds and good syles/phrases (especially if you¥re in to modern tunes). Compared with other qy-models: qy20/22 doesn¥t stand a chance, qy300 is no really alternative (fewer sounds - and worse), qy700 has a few advantages (more channels, 8 sections/style instead of 6/style, bigger and better display) but it¥s bigger and heavier and more than twice as expensive.

TwEeK ( writes:
ok here goes- this thing is the coolest sequencer in the whole world. it is the size of a gameboy, and battery powered so u can bring it NEwhere... it has sixteen tracks but screw that 1/8 inch audio out! u need an adaptor if u want hi quality sound unless u r gonna use ear phones... not to tough to learn most of the functions r on the front panel. i like it a lot, but it is crap for live use cus everything is digitally controlled so if ya wanna mute sumthing fast u have to do this than that than this and so on... ive made many songs with the sequencer voices alone and nothing else so dont think u r gonna need a kik ass keyboard to go along with this thang... buy it if ya need a sequencer, if ya dont need a sequencer, dont buy it...........

Comments About the Sounds:
It¥s normal XG-standard. Good keyboardstandard, but not quite like the best. (But far better than cheaper or older keyboards or samplesynths.)

(Thanks to Michael Göransson for this info.)
and Luc Debaisieux for the pic

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