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  QY-100 At a Glance
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Jerry La Rosa writes:
Thow away your laptop computer/ sequencers. The answere may be the QY100!!! Full MIDI implementation allows use with a larger unit for downloading/uploading. Software included allows DATA backup to Mac or PC. Great sounds from a tiny box with a very friendly OS for creating music with it's built in patterns and phrases. Shifting between drum patterns and chord types is a snap via the menu toggle. (I wish all PSR's had this feature.) The 16 track sequencer is very easy to use with step, overdub and replace modes. The Multi mode allows recording of all 16 channels at once. The litte keyboard has a modulation and pitch button that is programable. External keyboard is obviously accomplished with a MIDI in connection. This is an extemely cool box for getting songs and ideas down in lightening fast time. The small keyboard can input chord type by virtually playing the chord or alternately "typing" one key for the root and another for the structure. Chords with an inversion in the bass (e.g. C/E bass) are quickly composed using the "base note" key. For performance or"Jamming" purposes, Yamaha gives you a wonderfull pallette of extensive chord progressions in regular, half and double time. You can't incorporate these into the performance song sequence memory as these are meant for playing "Live". The unit accomplishes specific chord, drum patterns and sequences so easily, I found the user chord progression palletes superfluous.

Comments About the Sounds:
All the sounds can be tweaked via the ADSR envelope generator and the Filter contols.(Cutoff Frequency and Resonance) Reverbs and chorus effects can be edited and applied to different tracks. tracks can be muted and soloed alone or in groups. Experimentation with the ADSR and Filter will allow stranger sounds/noises.

(Thanks to Jerry La Rosa for this info.)
and David for the pic

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