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Toni Aittoniemi writes:
The PTX-8 used to be Yamaha's (expensive) top-of-the-line drum module .. Sounds are very tweakable and editable.. Ideal if you have drum pads to bang it with, but MIDI is okay.. The sound of this module is very, very breakdance-electro style. If you're looking for those cheezy (positive!) late-eighties/early ninetees beatz, this is the box to have (along with a TR-x0x of course =) ) .. You'll be breakdancin' in no time!

If you're not interested in the sounds, the PTX-8 makes a good drum pad controller as well. The triggers are very adjustable.

Killer box for electro, others approach with caution.

Comments About the Sounds:
_THE_ Groovies toms I have ever witnessed! Pure electrobeat vibez! Capable of producing nice&low bass drops too.

(Thanks to Toni Aittoniemi for this info.)
and Gerhard Hirsch for the pic

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