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Mather's Studios writes:
Considering I bought this keyboard for just 12 quid it's probably the best 12 quid I've ever spent. The keyboard has an audio out socket built in so no mods were needed to play it through effects boxes. With a keyboard like this, it's all about what you can do with the sounds once they are outside of the keyboard. As an experiment, I've multitracked an entire composition with this and it actually sounded reasonable. It has PCM drum samples which are pretty good with the right effects applied, and the string sounds can take on quite an analogue nature if external chorus and delay are used.

The most realistic sounds are probably the brass and woodwind sounds - which is what FM synthesis was known for. I personally see each of the programs on the keyboard as a different starting waveform to be altered by external effects.

For such a small keyboard, having eight notes of polyphony across a 32 note keyboard seems a lot. The split voices are good for jamming. This is a great little keyboard for self indulgent jamming wherever the mood might take. It can be run off 6 AA batteries and has it's own built in speaker which isn't that loud, but loud enough.

Comments About the Sounds:
Basic 2-op FM sounds, about 40 basic 'single' sounds then doubled 'ensable sounds' to create chorus plus preset split voices. Ensamble and Split voices are based on preset combinations of the first 40 single sounds

(Thanks to Mather's Studios for this info.)

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