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  PSS-680 Keyboard At a Glance
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Kristian Holger Pedersen-Reng writes:
This keyboard was my first, so I have added it for nostalgic reasons only. The PSS-680 is aimed towards the very young consumer who has no previous experience with keyboards or sequencers. Extremely easy to use but except for the keys which are crap mini sized ones. The sounds are crap, the sequencer is crap (and has no quantize feature), in fact just about everything in this keyboard is crap. It¥s impossible to get hold of today but why the hell even bother. As a little curiosity I can mention that the drum sounds on the PSS-680 all are low quality samples of the RX-7 drum machine.

Comments About the Sounds:
In general: weedy, pathetic sounds.

(Thanks to Kristian Holger Pedersen-Reng for this info.)
and Georg Casator for the pic

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Yamaha PortaSound PSS-680 manual
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