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  PSS-450/465 At a Glance
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Alex Kyros (Bogo) writes:
This was the first keyboard I ever had. My mother bought it for me when I was 5. It looks a lot like a cheap K-Mart immitation of an SH-101 to tell you the truth, and has very little flexibility. But I swear on my grave, that synth makes some absolultely ungodly noises. You really have to know what youre doing before its gonna freak you out. Best place to start is the synth controls: Wave, Spectum, Modulation, Attack, Decay, Volume. The controls are not smooth sliders, rather jerky 6 position switches. If you move them up and down in real time, you may be able to make sounds that it doesnt ordinarily make. For example, if you move the Decay slider at the end of the envelope, and then quick move it back, it might hold the modulated sound longer than normal. Most of the time, you wont notice that the Decay or Attack slider has been moved in the resulting sound.

Comments About the Sounds:
Lots of really bizarre noisiness. I've never heard anything quite like it. The modulation has a real wide and pulsy quality to it. It seems like everything sounds best when you crank the modulation on this thing. Since you can modify the different presets, you have about ten or twenty different waveforms to modify. Sometimes it make sosme really wacked-out sweeps, usually that sounds something like "WOOOOOMSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" -- I have created some of those that take about four or five seconds to complete their cycles, then hold a sustain for another five. The only chill sounds it makes are some electro-industrial basses. Nothing acidy, just mellow pulse bass.

(Thanks to Alex Kyros (Bogo) for this info.)

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