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KDJ writes:
The PSS160 was my first keyboard. I got it for christmas in the mid 80's. It's a good beginer board. Good for learning how to play along with beats. It has 8 beats in the Rythm section and 8 voices in the orchestra. Both are selected with sliders. I like to manipulate the beats by running the board through a radioshack mixer and deleting a beat here and there with the ON/CUE switch. The sound quality of the voices isn't all that great. I usually stick to the organ. I found out along time ago that the oboe sounds a bit like bagpipes if you use the bass notes as a drone. You can also get a pretty bitchen insect sound by holding out a chord while switching the slider back and forth across the orchestra section. When all else fails I run the PSS160 through a delay pedal and an envelope filter. It also has a recording feature. Mine records what you play, plays it back automatically with a beat and plays back what you played 10 times faster than how you played it. I'd like to know how to mod a fossil like this.

(Thanks to KDJ for this info.)

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