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  PSS-790 At a Glance
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Ashley Pomeroy writes:
Like the PSS680 this was a kiddie-sized home keyboard, with built-in speakers (which are quite loud), lots of preset sounds, a very simple sequencer (with no editing options), drum pads, and lots of bright lights and flashing things. However, unlike the 680, the sounds are sampled from other Yamaha keyboards, and the digital noise and grunge mean that some of the samples are quite useful. The drum kit can be tuned up and down an octave, and with suitable processing you can make it sound quite beefy. Furthermore the little joystick (using a very simple type of 'vector synthesis' you could assign four different sounds to the first four midi channels and mix between them) is an effective controller for other synths. Most of the presets are rubbish, but the stand-outs are very good - the pianos and strings are good, and the midi implementation is excellent (even with all the channels buzzing away it does't slow down). In general this keyboard is extremely cheap and very u! seful if you can stand the ridicule of using it on stage.

Comments About the Sounds:
Noisey, grungey, badly-multisampled and strangely charming.

(Thanks to Ashley Pomeroy for this info.)
and Ricardo Matsushima Teixeira for the pic

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