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  PSS-590 At a Glance
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Eugene Burda writes:
Massive number of features for the price. Extremely useful around the house, out in the happyshack, and in the studio. My studio currentl has about $40,000 worth of keys and modules, but lately I've been having the most fun with these little PSS boxes. Little sticks of dynamite and incredibly useful. This is not to say that ALL PSS keyboards are similar...some are cheapo pieces of shit, but I LOVE my PSS-590 and PSS-380. If you see either one cheap, grab it!

Comments About the Sounds:
Early Yamaha AWM... piano is ok but guitars suck. Good mallets and percussive stuff. The main reasons I got this thing though are 1)))it's really compact but loaded with fun features 2)))the styles are really well programmed, with 7 parts per style...each style has an intro, A section, B section and ending. A and B sections are typically 4 or 8 measures long and quite interesting. You have a choice of small or large arrangements within each section, which adds variety. But the coolest feature has got to be 3)))this thing transmits the styles via MIDI!!! I pump these babies into my Korg Trinity or Kurzweil PC88 and they sound KILLER! Huge flexibility here, because you can get zillions of variations by programming your external synth with any sound you want and let the styles fly. My fave trick is to set all parts to the same piano sound (except for bass and drums). Instant piano trio. Very cool. Great MIDI implementation overall, plus a few cool features l! ike auto harmonize.

(Thanks to Eugene Burda for this info.)
and WC Olo Garb for the pic

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