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  PSS-470 At a Glance
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Mark writes:
It took me a while to realised the capability of such a small instrument. There is one tip though - if you haven't got a amplifier to plug the keyboard into then the sound suffers and sounds rather naff. I haven't exactly got a proper keyboard amp, but use the phonos and link it to the phonos in the back of your domestic hi-fi, and you'll soon realise what FM synths can do! Of course, as people owning one of these old boards will know, the programmable sliders on the front panel are what gives this synth capabilities. I can't remember the exact slider names right now, but the best ones to use are the first two, which are WAVE and MODULATION. Modulation can be used to transpose the keyboard's range down an octave for those pumping FM synth basses, and the WAVE control can be used to create high, buzzing sort of sounds. I suppose you could say it works a bit like a filter. The third slider along (I can't remember it's label!!), can be used to create high, sharp clangy sounds. The drum samples sound a bit naff and you couldn't really use them for live performance, but if you can get your fingers around the small keys (which is a bit tricky for me but I'm getting used to it!!), then you could easily use it in conjunction with a full scale workstation synth. I use mine together with my KORG 01/wFD, and it works well.

Comments About the Sounds:
Most of the sounds that were preset at the factory sound pretty crap, but, get your hands on the five sliders in the top right of the control panel and you can create thousands of sounds (literally). For cool bass sounds, put the first slider (Modulation I think) because this has the effect of transposing the keyboard range -12 semitones (1 octave).

(Thanks to Mark for this info.)
and Georg Casator for the pic

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