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  PSS-460 At a Glance
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DJ Frost ( Jeremy F. ) writes:
If you can find one and find one cheap, buy it. It's more like a toy than say, a Kurzweil, but it's one helluva fun toy. Useful for live situations and solos. Be careful if you plan on slapping some batteries into it and playing it in bed though, it's not healthy to be up so late, believe me, I know.

Comments About the Sounds:
ok, here we go... For the most part, the preset waveforms suck. The jazz organ is pretty good and koto, cosmic, and the clarinet sounds are fairly decent by themselves. The analog-like sliders that change the wave synthesis are were this synth is rackin up points though. Oh, it is sweet. You control the synthsis of each sound patch (or on it's own as a sine, sawtoothe, etc. synth) with the following parameters: Waveform (all 5 of em), Spectrum (semitone to be affected), Modulation, Attack, Decay, and Synth Volume. You can get anywhere from Underworld type synth sounds (if only this damn thing had an arpeggiator), to video game music, to just plain jacked up sounds, to a 303 reminescent growl. Considering I picked this baby up at a pawnshop for 75 quid, I'm happy, but if i had (just a little bit) more money, I'd be hunting me a Roland JP-8000. Alternately, check out the Yamaha CS series analog synths (ooooohh they're sweet (but impossible to friggin find) ).

(Thanks to DJ Frost ( Jeremy F. ) for this info.)
and Jerry, the Natural Handyman for the pic

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