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  PSS-130 At a Glance
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Leviathant writes:
Well, all the sounds sound nothing like what they're supposed to. Clarinet, Oboe, Violin, Xylophone, Piano, Banjo, Harpsichord, Electric guitar. Ha! Completely untweakable, as for 'patches' the violin having a slight vibrato, piano fades out, banjo just repeats in short bursts. And the rhythm section is funny stuff, blips and static. Available only through 8 rhythm sections.

No output, just a speaker. Tempo up n' down buttons... and the Melody Memory, to record your own cheesy songs! Volume adjusts up and down but not very much. Gonna rip the speaker out and make an output for this toy :)

Comments About the Sounds:
Simple waveforms, altered slightly for each instrument. Violin 'patch' has a slight vibrato on it.

(Thanks to Leviathant for this info.)
and Christian Meyer for the pic

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