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  PSS-120 At a Glance
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DJ Figurine writes:
This synth is battery operated, and it has NO outputs!!!but that banjo setting rules...the rhythms are the best in the realm of really bad and annoying digital beats,the sound is awful, and that's what makes it so's tiny....and it's a yamaha, yamaha gear is the best all around equipment made...this synth is very cool, if you use this at a gig,the kids will love it and you, this is the future of music. Bad sounding kiddie synths!!!..they suck, and that's why you can't take your fingers off of them,My fingers are always somewhere, if you know what I mean?

Comments About the Sounds:
the 16 beat drum rhythm is enough to make you want to lose your goose!

(Thanks to DJ Figurine for this info.)
and Mark Perry for the pic

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