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  PSR-620 At a Glance
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Jaime AndrŽs Garcia Cuello writes:
I¥m very happy with this one. Ok, it is a psr, but you can use in very advanced forms, because of it¥s sound, and it¥s midi features. If you do latin, go for this one. Missing...a tr909 kit, and the fact that you can¥t make user styles unless you own a computer.

Comments About the Sounds:
Sounds good overall, especialy if you are about to make latin, jazz or analogue electronic music (jarre¥s music sounds beautifull). Some of the samples are in stereo, and have timbral response to the velocity, not just volume. Don¥t try the string section because is to bad unless you use it for botton pads or chords.

(Thanks to Jaime AndrŽs Garcia Cuello for this info.)
and Jancso for the pic

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