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  PSR-6 At a Glance
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Lucas McLane writes:
This keyboard is great for a beginner to learn the basics about voices, because it has 100. They all pretty much suck, but it's not bad for those who are learning to play in time with the drum kits. The drums are weak, and if you turn up the max. volume up to loud, and it causes the drums to degress in quality and overall becomes very grainy and treblelike. (i.e. the bass drum sounds like a fingernail tapping on a tabletop...). Please e-mail me if anyone knows how I could modify this sucker, and make it sound different, if not better.

Comments About the Sounds:
The voices aren't full, and you don't get a real feeling of anything smooth sounds being played, or anything that would sound anywhere near aestetic.

(Thanks to Lucas McLane for this info.)
and just dont remove the xXS3eDXx name from the pic for the pic

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