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  PSR-520 At a Glance
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Anonymous writes:
People always down the psr keyboards unless they're the 4000 or 7000. Well dont listen to everything you hear because this keyboard is GREAT for begginers. If you want techno, ambient, or dance sounds do NOT buy this keyboard. This keyboard is more for adding on strings or bass to music. This keyboard also will only record two instruments which is a down point, and the repeat buttion "for ambient sounds" is horrible! i dont even use it. user pads are cool because they fill in with the pitch of the chord you are playing. other than the repeat and limited recording, this is a great keyboard. i did pay a little to much for it though (569$). try to buy this second hand.

for example, i think bands like radiohead, smashing pumpkins, and other rock bands would be happy with this keyboard, but not any techno bands like underworld or prodigy

Comments About the Sounds:
there are no real strange noises, but you can come up with some weird stuff on your own. the only problem with this keyboard is its not very versitle, its VERY MUCH SO NOT!!!! for people into dance and techno

and Regina for the pic

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