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  PSR-275 At a Glance
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AT Lowe writes:
This model is currently released in Australia, so perhaps may not be available in US. I bought this synth (ok, it's not a synth, really, but a home keyboard rompler) for basic compositional purposes. should be ok for that, but I wish it had more for the money, considering what is available second-hand these days. The sounds range from total shite to suprisingly excellent, with the shite sounds being in the synth/pads/pianos categories and the excellent being the brass and woodwinds sounds. I expected much more from Yamaha, even for this price, in the way of acoustic pianos. The 'Stereo Sampled Piano' is only just passable IMHO, and I can't understand why on earth yamaha programmed/recorded it to be panned and fx treated, even when FX are switched off. I prefer the GM piano patch that is found in the latter end of the 480 'voices' (more on this blatant rip-off later) because it is panned dead-centre, leaving it up to the user to do with it as they will. I mean, the stereo sample sounds like it's been recorded in 5.1 surround, which is a pain when wanting to have tight control on mixing when multitracking from it. The pianos lack bottom-end, and only really shine right at the highest octaves. Crusing up the k/b one note at a time, it's obvious where the sample points are and they often don't match with previous octaves (eg dramatically less filter, etc). Tip to new synth owners: switch off all fx and play the entire k/b when demoing piano patches, and listen through good headphones. About the '480 voices': BS. The patches from 108-480 (that's a damn lot of the 480 purported) are simply variations using exactly the same samples. eg the same piano patch with another patch playing under it, or slightly less filter cutoff (which makes me wonder if the filter can be manually controlled via sys-ex midi, cause it can't be from the actual unit). The real kick in the ass are the multitude of patches that are simply NO DIFFERENT from the first 108! Yeah, there's a slight difference, but hardly enough to warrant being called a new patch! Yamaha: stop ripping your customers off with false advertising. Get some more samples, you cheap skates! In Yamaha's defense, i'm sure Roland, Korg, etc do this too. They should be ashamed of themselves. On a more positive note, I was surprised at the quality of the brass and woodwind patches. They are clean, crisp, punchy, realistic, with just the right amount of vibrato applied on sustaining notes. It would be nice though to have control via a mod wheel. oh well, get a real synth, hey?! Navigating around the display should be easy, but Yamaha decided to be pains by forcing the user to access pretty much every function by the one button, which means you've got to press your way through umpteen settings to get to the one you want (including reverb/chorus send levels). Doh!

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