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  PSR-18 At a Glance
Picture needed arrowReleased: 1990  Specifications
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DJ Robotomizer ( writes:
Considering the fact that it's about twelve years old, it's not completely useless. Mine was a gift from a friend who had no use for it, and after I accidentally SMASHED my PSS-460 I started using the PRS-18 instead. It's not as cool, but I was able to write music with it, and I even did some half-decent 4-track recordings with it. I used an envelope filter, a digital delay/sampler and a pitch shifter. Still, I'm trying to find another old PSS series... I miss the mini-keys and the programmable synthesizer! Oh well, it just goes to show you: never drink Jagermeister and Red Bull before a performance!

Comments About the Sounds:
Like most Yamaha Portables, most of the sounds are awful. However, the Reverb and Echo effects dress them up nicely.

(Thanks to DJ Robotomizer for this info.)

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