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  PSR-36 At a Glance
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Johan Lundstroem writes:
OK, this was my first machine and it was the only machine I had for a long time. Reviewed as a beginners keyboard I find it great. Perhaps not by todays standards, but for ten years ago it was. Keyboard without velocity sensitvity or Pitchbend wheel. Not recognized via MIDI either.

Bass, drums and accompaniment served in 16 different styles and with a lot of pattern variations for each of the building blocks. 1 programmable drum pattern. But thats not the interresting part of the unit.

The interresting part for me is the orchestra section. First you have 32 presets. None of them are any good. But every preset can be edited with the 5 parameter-sliders, which have 5 different settings each. It doesn¥t sound much. But I have come up with a lot of cool sounds, mainly basses and noises. I wish that there had been an option to store my settings in a memory. As I don¥t have any FM or iPD synth in my current setup, the PSR-36 actually helps me on some rare occasions, when I need a sound that my analog or sample-based instruments can¥t produce. But it won¥t come near any "real" FM or iPD synth.

Comments About the Sounds:
See review.

(Thanks to Johan Lundstroem for this info.)

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