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Tal Aviram writes:
Yamaha MU5 general Midi Sound Module. Conforms to the GM spec and has a largish display which sports a "bar chart" readout of which of the 16 Tracks are playing. There is a mini keyboard and plenty of buttons to push on the unit which is about the size of a Video cassette. The unit does not contain reverb. There is a Midi In and Midi Out for connection to a traditional Midi Set Up. Audio out is on a mini jack. In addition to this there is a "To Host" terminal which allows the module to be connected to the serial port of a PC (or Mac) and act as a midi interface for a PC. This is useful as it avoids having to have a dedicated midi interface or soundcard. Additionally, it allows the use of older laptops (inc 386!) in playing back midifiles live very cheaply. For more info on this subject please refer to http:/ The unit will run off 6 AA batteries (ideal for buskers!) seful GM sound module if you bcan find one at the right price!

Comments About the Sounds:
Overall good bread & butter sounds. Weakish brass

(Thanks to Tal Aviram for this info.)

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