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  MU-100r At a Glance
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sabin farley writes:
Hi there, you cant go wrong with this unit. It has 20MB of Rom samples. An incredible stereo piano patch that will make your tears flow, it had with me. You can hear the wood. Alas, it is available only in Performance mode. Which is the main failure of the unit, the more interesting patches comes into the Performance mode, i.e. only accessible under one an only midi channel.

Understand thought that the XG mode, in which you can program 32 part multi midi channel set-up is perfectly enjoyable, the sounds are nothing as it was to be expected from a GM module, they sound great also. It has a nice selection of Guitar patches, the drums are punchy and clear, the pads are great and deep.

But the best of all is the A/D stereo independant input... Ahhhhhh? Those effects! I woldnt be wrong in saying that they can match up any 500/800 $ dedicated effect unit. Rumors say that this is in fact a Yamaha REV500 under the hood.

7 FX processors, 73 insert patches, to long to list.

Finally, there is also, a VL monophonic engine included. If you know about it, it comes from the VL70m engine. Those patches really shine under a good midi controller, specially with breath control. Also included in a Vocal Harmony - like the Digitech ones. Have tried it briefly, sounds great but i dont see the reason to use it frankly.

As you can see, i really like the MU100R. If you can afford it, go for the MU100R instead of the MU90. The dealer let me tried both at home for a week, and decided that the extra bucks were worth it.

Let me know....

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds in the XG mode are great, nothing comparable to what we were used to get from a GM module. But the synth really shines into Performance mode, and most of all, into the VL mode. Less programmable that the VL70m in some ways, but it is nice to have both simulation (playback and VL) under one hood. And those effects..... Rumors say that this is Yamaha¥s own REV500 into the MU100R..

(Thanks to sabin farley for this info.)

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