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  MOTIF ES7 At a Glance
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Tom writes:
I've seen alot of people saying how hard the MOTIFES is to use but all I can say is that I got the keyboard, got yamaha to send me the dvd and sat and watched it and haven't really looked back. I mean the sampler took a bit of getting my head around but that was the only thing really and once you learn how to slice samples then it's the easiest thing in the world. So..... the OS, all buttons are context sensitive so you don't always get to the same place by pressing the same buttons (ie if you press edit in mix mode you'll get to a completely different screen from pressing it in voice mode).

Voices: absolutely incredible, from the acoustic/orchstral/pianos to electric/acoustic guitars, all there in abundance and guitars can sound incredibly realistic in a mix. Fender Rhodes there and very good too, wurlitzers helped by the extra insert effects such as tremolo etc which are mod wheel sensitive. I think for 'i wanna track from pressing one note' this doesn't do it so well that you can get on other keyboards but when you get the arps involved even when you run out of playing steam you can get a track up and running in minutes. Sampler: very quick and powerful, sampling with effects/inserts is very handy too. Loop remix is great for remangling samples/drum loops etc, v cool. Effects: Probably where this keyboard most impressed, 2 system, 1 master (global) and 8 inserts are more than enough. The range of the insert effects which are the same as on the A5000 sampler is brilliant from slice, through beat change through ring modulator etc.

Comments About the Sounds:
Overall I think the sounds are some of the most playable in terms of responsiveness etc. Matched with the keyboard quality it's just a pleasure to play and you get really stuck into the fender rhodes, pianos and more esoteric non acoustic voices. The guitars and basses and drums are also phenomenal

(Thanks to Tom for this info.)

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