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  FVX-1 At a Glance
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René Schardt writes:
The FVX-1 was originaly released back in the early eighties as a voice expansion module for the Electone HX series organs. It is based on a new FM Tone Generator using 8 Operators, giving a total of 63 Algorithm Patterns. Up to 4 parts (8-voice polyphonic each!) can be played simultaniously with a (simple) FX-unit on each of the parts. The FVX-1 holds a total of 504 patches: 248 in ROM and an additional 256 in RAM. And all settings for the 4 parts including MIDI-settings and controller-settings can be stored in one of the 16 available Performances (or like the manual says Registers).

These specs were very very sofisticated back in those days. And that was the reason why it was overpriced. As a result of the high price the module never got sold. It's a shame because it's the best sounding FM-module I ever heared (with an excellent phaser in the FX-units!) and it's the best looking module I ever saw. With a stereo levelmeter and handles on the front to pull your module out of the 19" rack, it almost looks like it is worth a $4000. But actualy, believe me, it's not. The biggest problem of this module is yet to come.

Not every parameter in the FM-system can be accessed. Instead, Yamaha developed a software editor to gain all access. And here the problem comes: because of the poor sellings of the FVX-1, the software never got sold. It got lost. And even people at Yamaha Japan cannot help me to find the software. So now I'm stuck with an incredible machine, sounding very good in terms of FM synthesis, and all I can do is alter the presets for just a little bit. Luckily enough I didn't pay the full price, but got it in a very special bargain!

Comments About the Sounds:
Typical FM sounds like we know from the famous DX-7 range, with the exception of the extra 2 operators per voice.

(Thanks to René Schardt for this info.)
and Mario Berthold for the pic

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