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  FS-1R At a Glance
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Karl Mousseau writes:
Finally a REAL synth with no PCM. Very convenient user interface with a very large and detailed LCD. Advanced FM synhesis with 8 operators (with a choice of 8 waveforms for the OP). Formant shaping use 8 other operators that can be tought as comb filters. In addition, there's a multimode filter (LP 24db/oct, LP 18db/oct, LP 12db/oct, HP, Bandpass, and a notch)that sounds very good. It's very easy to surf between the multiple edit page thanks to the 4 front panel knobs that double as macro-controller (attack, release, formant, FM) and Midi controller.

Comments About the Sounds:
FM synthesis with 8 operators combined with formant shaping delivers zillions of very interesting sounds. It's very long to program ( 8 FM operators plus 8 FS operators...the DX7 is chocolate cake...) but worths the effort.

(Thanks to Karl Mousseau for this info.)

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