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  EX-7 At a Glance
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Alex Mauer ( writes:
The EX7 offers more than ever before in a single keyboard. Featuring a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of the most advanced tone generator technologies currently a full-featured sampling system. Top-quality internal effect system so no extra sound-processing equipment is required. Sequencers provide sophisticated on-board sequence programming and accompaniment capability. Offering one of the most versatile and intuitive real-time control systems.

Thats what Yamaha has to say about it...but let me expand upon this...

It is a very versatile synth. If you really want those Analogue has AN synthesis...for those realistic piano sound you got your AWM.... then you can sample some sound and use them too. There is a compleately new synthesis technique it uses caled FSDP. FDSP or "Formulated Digital Sound Processing" adds a sophesticated effect processor to the AWM. here's the list..

01: EP Pickup (simulate an Electric Piano) 02: EG Pickup (simulate the pickup of an eletric guitar) 03: Water 04: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) 05: Flange 06: Phaser 07: Self FM 08: Tornado 09: Ring Modulation 10: Seismic

and thats not all this can do...there's tones of other cool stuff in there....

just to give you an idea of how crazy it is...there is a type of reverb they call Canyon...woooooooohhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa.... you have to hear it all yourself!

Comments About the Sounds:
I dont actually own this synth but i have a couple brochures and i've heard some examples of it. The main thing that I don't like is the fact that the EX5 has VL synthesis and this one doesn''s still great.

(Thanks to Alex Mauer for this info.)
and davID for the pic

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