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  DX-7II At a Glance
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Thomas R Kolb writes:
The first generation DX7 managed to turn the music world upside down - everybody just had to have one. So, near the end of the 80's, Yamaha decided to do it again - and produced the mk II DX7. This time it featured full MIDI implementation, a clear backlit display, improved circuitry, a floppy disk drive (for the FD model), stereo panning, micro-tuning, a new LFO circuit and a random pitch function to simulate acoustical instruments. They even replaced those terrible touch panels with real clickable buttons. It still sounded cool and metallic, it was still almost impossible to program without computer aid, but the DX7 was back - with a vengeance. And I still like it!

Comments About the Sounds:
Well, what can I say? It's still a DX7...

(Thanks to Thomas R Kolb for this info.)

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