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  DX-21 At a Glance
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Philip Cook ( writes:
This synth is the most versatile of the 4-operator family of DX synths. Although, the keyboard isn't touch sensitive, the sounds can have velocity values if played from a touch-sensitive keyboard. The stock sounds aren't that great, but if you spend the time, you can come up with some pretty interesting digital synths and effects if you are wiling to push those buttons. Layering the same sound with itself and increasing the dual detune value can make the DX21 sound much fatter than the DX7 for synth,string, and pad sounds, but cuts the polyphony down to 4 notes. The split function is variable and can be useful if you can deal with the thin sound. This is not a pro-sounding keyboard, but then again, it was never intended for the pro market. It can, if tweaked and worked with, provide some decent and interesting sounds.

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds are identical to those in the DX27 and DX100. They have the typical thin, small DX trademark sound.In some instnaces, it can be made to sound thicker than the DX7 if you layer the same sound on top of itself and raise the "Dual Detune" rate.

(Thanks to Philip Cook for this info.)

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