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Anthony Howells writes:
The DX200 will no doubt open many doors for FM synthesis, as it makes it a lot more accessible than it was on the DX7 (well it does for me anyway!). The interface of the synth is easy to get to grips with, and though there are a few shift functions that could have been single button presses (the track mutes would have to be the main one) it all works well and intuitively.

There is a computer editor bundled, and though I haven't used this yet (got to get it working) it appears as though it will make life a lot easier (read the main review @ synth site for more detail on this).

This synth would be an awesome addition to a studio that wants someting a bit different than analogue, VA and ROM synths for music creation. I could see this synth in just about any setup, from hard tekno to mellow funk, industrial to new age. If you hit the first 100 presets (which are mainly techno oriented) and disagree, just hook it up to a midi keyboard, and try playing the upper octaves without the sequencer running on some of those of patches. Some of the sounds when played this way, you wonder how it got to what it was in the sequence, it's that different! This also demonstrates the power of the sequencer.

If you like the DX7 and are an old hat, you will probably love this. If you are new to FM synthesis, then you will probably love this too!

Comments About the Sounds:
If you know the DX7, then you may recognize a lot of these sounds. There's a lot of really full on distorted D&B, industrial and tekno presets, as well as some beautiful new age, cruisey tinkles, bells, drones and the like. There's also some great classic 80's basses and leads. I was also surprised to hear some old goa trance favourites in here, that were perhaps done originally on the DX7

(Thanks to Anthony Howells for this info.)

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