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  DX-11 At a Glance
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John Volanski ( writes:
After 10 years, the DX11 has held up to time better than the DX7, IMHO. It has alot of features that the DX7 doesn't have, including 8-voice Multi-timbal sounds; Breath Controller interface; chord structuring of up to 4 simultaneous notes per key; 13 microtonal scale tuning; 8 voices can be played in unison; complex keyboard splitting per each voice; alternate mode where each successive incoming MIDI note will alternate through the 8 instruments. The unit is easy to operate and set-up, but the patches are a bear to program yourself. The unit is well-made and I have had zero problems with it in 10 years.

Comments About the Sounds:
4-op FM sounds have fallen out of favor these days. (5/98) The stock sounds are fairly mediocre at best. You need to go to the 3rd party programmers to get the good stuff. The FM approach does best on sounds such as electric pianos and bell-like tones. The FM approach does worst on fat/warm analog synth-type sounds. FM sounds are a bear to program for the neophyte.

(Thanks to John Volanski for this info.)
and Al Prentice for the pic

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