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  DX-100 At a Glance
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Thomas R Kolb writes:
The DX100 is basically a DX27 in a portable size (see DX27 review). At first glance it resembles a Casio toy keyboard. The thing with its 49 midget size keys takes up a lot of precious studio space without really being playable. The question arises: why didn't Yamaha make a decent rack module instead? The sound is rather twinkly and cool, as you would expect from an FM-synth, but without the complexity of the full-blown 6-operator DX7. Most of the preset sounds are pretty boring, and programming the DX100 (as any other DX-synth) is not for the faint of heart. I wouldn't like the DX100 to be my only synth, but still, it is a nice addition to any studio.

Comments About the Sounds:
Don't expect too much of 4 operators and 8 algorithms.

(Thanks to Thomas R Kolb for this info.)

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