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  DX-1 At a Glance
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Thomas R Kolb ( writes:
I don't know how many of these monsters have been sold - they are certainly not common. The original vertigous price tag and the massive immobility of the instrument (51 kg, 112,2 lbs!) surely was part of the reason why the DX1 was soon to be surpassed by its smaller and cheaper little brother, the DX7. Or maybe people figured out that they could actually get two DX7's MIDI'ed together to create the same effect as a single DX1 - and still be left with some studio space and pocket money to spend...

Comments About the Sounds:
I haven't tried this beast myself, but man, dual 6 operator FM-circuits can't be too bad...

(Thanks to Thomas R Kolb for this info.)
and Mert Topel for the pic

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