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Sam Bretheim writes:
The DTS-70 is a 2U rack-mount drum trigger interface. It has no sounds. It has 12 audio trigger inputs (with passthrus), any of which can be assigned to any note on any channel on either of the 2 MIDI outputs. The MIDI In can be used to switch between performances, transfer SysEx, and set note assignments (a neat feature - hit the pad you want to set up, play around on your keyboard, and hit the next pad when you've got it) - and can be merged with the data from the triggers. All of the triggering options that you'd expect are there, and the interface is pretty accessible. The triggers seem reliable.There are 3 footswitch jacks on the back of the unit: one mutes the MIDI output and the others let you switch patches. So, if you have a keyboard and pad set, you can do all but the picky trigger editing while the DTS-70 sits away in your rack. This is a good thing, partly because of the unit's whiny internal fan.The LCD is good - as long as it'll be viewed from straight on or above. It's unusable from below or too far to the sides.All in all, this is a well-designed workhorse piece of equipment, and if you already have a synth module, is worth checking out - the price beats the hell out of a DM5/D4.

(Thanks to Sam Bretheim for this info.)

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