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Johan Lundstroem writes:
OK. So I bought the DJX-II and thought it would be better than the original DJX. Wrong. It wasn´t for me anyway. This is a tool made most for DJ´s, and DJ wannabe´s. And I think it´s a great DJ-tool. But speaking as a home studio musician I must say that it mostly SUX! I wanted a simple Keyboard to use as something to easily develop good melodies without having to arrange everything (bass, drums etc.) before. The problem is that this machine only can transpose what it plays without changing the chords. And you cant transpose it and play a melody at the same time without having to record the melody in the performance recorder and then recall it. MIDI-functions is also a headache. But it´s quite fun to play around with the different patterns and control the mix of the voices (On/Off, volume, cutoff, resonance) and spicing it up with the activator sounds. But not for a very long time (just MY opinion). It has 70 different patterns with 10 variations each, so the DJX-II could perhaps help me with inspiration for the arranging of my songs. And I have decided to keep it as a Drum-machine. Because it sounds great!

(Thanks to Johan Lundstroem for this info.)

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