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Richard Rayment writes:
Excellent arranger keyboard, although primarily this keyboard is sold on the merit of it's 88 graded hammer action keyboard. More of a classical instument user's dream than a synth lovers as the sampled synth noises leave a little to be desired, and to be honest some you could probably get a more realistic offering from certain software sequencers free vsti plugins.

Comes with yamaha's tuition software and a music database function that sets up the keyboard at the correct tempo and with the correct instruments for certain songs. All are annoyingly renamed - obviously for legality issues but the functionallity is there.

Piano and organ voices seem to be the best type on this instrument, with brilliant piano, rhodes, organ and rotary organ samples respectively. The instrument also features a lot of samples of yamaha's own electric pianos such as the CP80.

Navigation through menu's is easy and selection of the voices is through a rotary wheel. At any point the keyboard can be turned back to 'factory settings' by hitting the portable grand key. This resets the fx and the time signature returns to 4/4. The voice also returns to the grand piano.

An auto acompliment feature is supplied (as with most arrangers) that bases the acompliment on the chords or notes played on the left section of the keyboard, with the split point being variable. The sensitivity can be adjusted of this to enable single key playing of chords down to full chord recognition. There is also a 'harmony' section that harmonies the notes played with the right hand based apon the chord that is played with the left, which can really thicken the sound up. An autoharmoniser is also included so that when playing along with one of the many featured on board songs, ANY note struck will sound harmonious (which I really can't see the point in and takes away the point of actually being able to play properly!).

The unit is well finished in silver plastic and wood effect trim, and comes with a matching wooden stand. The blue display is big and mostly easy to read, although some important information can lie right at the very edges of vision. The keyboard is a good accurate representation of a proper piano keyboard, as one would expect with a G.H.A keyboard. A pitch bend wheel is included although no modulion wheel. There is a usb connection which transmits midi to and from as well as audio and data from the machine, no proper midi in/out/thru connections tho. Unit also has powerful speaker system built in.

Generally a good although basic arranger keyboard offering excellent sounds. Catered more towards the piano player than say a normal keyboard and seemingly also catered towards the more classical player. Beutifully finished and would look brilliant in any room - though does after long use beg the question, is this form over function? Comes with manual, usb drivers, sustain pedal, music stand and wooden keyboard stand.

Comments About the Sounds:
500 Sounds including 3 of yamaha's live! 8 Sweet! and 5 cool! sampled instruments. 'Portable grand' functionality means that the stereo sampled grand piano is one button away.

(Thanks to Richard Rayment for this info.)

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