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Nathaniel Lind writes:
It is a really nice unit. Used in the Ultimate Taxi! Look for one at a music store, a Music Go Round™, pawm shop or on eBay™. However, if you do find one on eBay, be prepared for a bidding war! That's how I got mine and I had to check regularly on vacation (which was no easy feat!).

The “Minus One” feature works by silencing a drum sound that is currently playing in the pattern. For Example: If the pattern is using Hi hat sound, and you hit a pad with that sound, it will no longer be played.

The Chord Memory has 2 entry modes: a Real-time quantized record where each pad and combination acts as a key/chord variation [Maj, Min, 7th, Min 7th, Major 7th, 7sus4, m7-5, dim. and a step record mode where you can enter a chord, specify how long it will last, then go on to the next one (Whole/Half/Quarter/Eight notes)

There is s strip above the control panel called the “Scraper” where you can run your finger (s) along it and play harmonizing notes ala a Suzuki Omnichord/Q-Chord or an Autoharp. It also can serve as a rap scratch pad, drum roll/drum solo pad, belltree pad.

This is a very nice unit (better in many ways than the DD-50) and if you need a good drum sound source, an extension to your kit, or a MIDI controller, this is the one for you!

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds run the gammut from good to mediocre. Most of the instrument sounds are only available to the onboard accompaniament unit. There MAY be a way to access them through MIDI, but I have found no way, and I currently have no manual. Drum sounds, for the most part, lack the “looped” sound prevalent amongst most other DD- units.

(Thanks to Nathaniel Lind for this info.)
and Photo courtesy of MoonDogRecords for the pic

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