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shakey 2000 writes:
prety nasty in general, don't buy one unless it's a tenner but if you find one for a fiver then take a chance! you don't need one and probaby won't use it on more than one track, if like me you dig all that is crap and retro then i't a must! but be prepared to process.

it was originaly a "get rid of the drummer" type thing, (my dad's band bought one when their drummer moved away, and only used it a few times

before deciding that rock n"roll needs a real drummer.) it's even got a strap for "round the neck" posing!!! and built in speakers, midi implementation is basic but saves the box from the bin. turn it up loud and it distorts. panning is fixed at stupid places for each drum.

responds to velocety over midi. no midi out, sequencer won't record from midi. can change preset patterns with program change messages.

looks very dodgy, but worth a tenner if you find one by accident, don't waste time looking and i'm not selling mine!

Comments About the Sounds:
prety nasty overall but it's perfect for 80's retro cheese synth pop , not much use to me then.... i recon that the sounds must be 8 bit cos allthough they are nasty they are big and gritty as well... useless unless procesed beyond reconition

(Thanks to shakey 2000 for this info.)
and Claude Labbée for the pic

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