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  CX-5MII/128 At a Glance
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Richard Kilpatrick writes:
The CX5MII/128 was Yamaha's third MSX computer aimed at the music market, and the last MSX1 they produced. Although the additional memory is present, it makes very little difference to the operation compared to the original CX5M - the main difference is the guaranteed presence of the SFG-05 sound module, which has the ability to use a MIDI controller keyboard instead of the YK-01/10/20 series keyboards (44 and 49 mini keys and 49 full-size keys respectively). Life is improved immensely with the addition of the FD-03 or 05 disk drive and various YRM software packages - and for DX7 users, it's still one of the best (and stylish) ways of editing patches.

The CX5MII/128 has both the call music control for the SFG, and call fmv to allow patch editing on the internal synth - the original models required an additional cartridge. All CX5 software will run on it, of course.

The later MSX2 CX7M is much rarer, and offers little advantage in musical ability, but will run nicer games! The CX5MII/128 can easily be upgraded to MSX2 standard.

If you want a quirky instrument, a cheap way of getting into DX sounds (the editor is excellent), or just like things that look totally 80s, it's worth picking one up if you find one.

Comments About the Sounds:
Fundamentally, it's a Yamaha 4OP synth, so think DX100 et al.

(Thanks to Richard Kilpatrick for this info.)
and Richard Kilpatrick for the pic

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