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  CS-80 At a Glance
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Ruud Heij writes:
This is the synth that can surpass Moog`s original Taurus bass pedal, with its prodigious bass end. And its polyphonic as well, with the same electronics as two complete CS-60`s, coupled to a weighted 61 note keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch, and separate velocity plus aftertouch settings for each of its two channels.

It has a Ring modulator which is really an Amplitude modulator, because it`s equipt with an lfo and a depth control, so that you can also create tremolo effects. The ring modulator has the unique possibility that an EG can vary the LFO speed.

A stereo chorus/tremolo is also included, but sounds quite noisy. It adds however to the very distinctive sound of the CS-80, which is unique, also because each of its two channels, has seperate High pass and Low pass filters, and a sine wave from the VCO`s that go directly to the VCA`s, because there is nothing to filter on a sine wave, and so preserving the bass end, when using the High pass filters.

Smart boy`s those Yamaha people you might think, were it not that the CS-80`s inside look like a telephone exchange, so that fault-finding can be a nightmare if you are not an expert on music electronics. Also when you know that the service manual consists of 67 pages. Nevertheless it`s a wonderfull machine (if you can keep it running) that has found its way into many profesional musicians studio, and some of them still using it today.

I will surely keep mine as long as it holds up, and still can be repared if needed. When you want to buy one, know that it can cost you a fortune, if you have troubles with it. But when it keeps working, it can be one of the most wonderfull synthesizers that you will ever have.

Comments About the Sounds:
Can sound just as massive as it weights (100 KG). But also very thin like most of its presets are.
Sonic - Really the flagship of Yamaha's analog range - famously used by a number of 'top' synthesists -
Peter Gabriel, Vangelis (think blade runner) and Bill Nelson - you're really limitied only by imagination. Personally, I would love if it wasn't for it's nightmare reliability problems.

(Thanks to Ruud Heij for this info.)
and Richard Clews for the pic

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