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Olaf Molenveld writes:
This sampler kicks ass! It has a very good sound-quality, 64 voices, standard 4 outputs, standard SCSI-interface, can handle 128 MB ram with standard simms... I esepcially like the filters (lowpass 12/24dB with resonance, highpass 12/24dB with resonance, bandpass and bandeliminate). All samples have their own (very strong, good sounding) filter (with gain to overdrive the filterinput) and 1band EQ. The effect-section also is very good, with 3 independand effect-units each with 54 effects (chorus, reverbs, echo's, overdrives, flangers, distortions, wahwah's etc.). Can be used serial or parallel. All parameters of effects can be changed. Very flexible modulation-matrixes, you can control lot's of parameters (cut-off, resonance, envelopes, loop-points, panning etc.etc. even effect-parameters) in realtime with MIDI-controllers or the realtime-controlknobs. You can resample sounds through the effects to save effect-units. The A3000 can also be used as an independand multieffect-unit, because the audio-input can be routed directly through the effect-section. Has lo-fi (5 /11/22 KHz) sample-settings for raw sounds. Realtime beat/pitch-change function for realtime time-stretching/pitch-changing! And it is so cheap for what it offers, there is no competition at this moment. Only problem with current OS (1.10a) is a timing-bug: if the A3000 receives lots of MIDI- and controller-data it's MIDI-buffer will overflow. Never had this in my music-making practice though... Has very fast envelope-generators for real kicking basses and drumsounds. Nice is the expand-setting, which makes a mono-sample into a wide fat pseudo-stereo sample. 4 band EQ for the stereo-out. It really is a synth/sampler because it also has some basic waveforms in memory when you start up (sine, square, pulse, triangle etc.) I definately like it!

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Olaf Molenveld for this info.)

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