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Arnar Helgi Adalsteinsson writes:
This piano to me has the most magical sound ever. I favour this electric piano over the Fender Rhodes anyday as i think it has a more unique character. Getting one in good shape can be tough though and parts are hard to find especially the legs and pedal. These parts can be found of course but often with an inflated price tag.

The springs have a tendancy to break but they can be found relatively cheap on the internet.

I make all kinds of music and i always grab the Wurlitzer at some time in the process even if i will not be using it in the track but i find it really easy to make melodies and harmonies with this piano as it seems that whatever you play ,it sounds good.

I.e a very inspirational instrument.

Its very simple obviously, only two outputs (headphone and line) a volume and tremolo knob.

P.s a wurlitzer through the distortion on my Boss SE-50 fx unit.....Yummy!

Comments About the Sounds:
the Tremelo circuit w/variable intensity

(Thanks to Arnar Helgi Adalsteinsson for this info.)

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