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Andy Foster ( writes:
The Q+ replaced most of my real analogue poly-synths, including both my Synthex's, and I have yet to be let down by it. It can sound just as good as anything I have owned.

There are a couple of little things I dont like about it, the fact that there are no markings on the knobs to show you the value it is at and the size of the screen. There is alot of info in this synth and a bigger screen would have helped.

But the sounds it can make far out weigh my few quibbles.

This synth can sound as digital or analogue as you want, and in this day and age that is not a bad thing for sure. It is also very well built and feels like a synth of yesteryear!!

I must admit however that it sounds different to the rest of the Q range once the real analogue filters are in use, thats why you buy this synth after all!!!

One thing I do like is that Waldorf have a good upgrade thing going.... If its not in it today it may be tommorrow!!!

I know it costs alot but you will not be disappointed in this amazing synthesiser.

Comments About the Sounds:
A very capable synth with its amazing synth engine. Can sound very analogue thanks to its real analogue filters and also digital as well, it has some great PPG type sounds in there if you dig a bit.

(Thanks to Andy Foster for this info.)
and ALEX M fom Portici (Na) Italy for the pic

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