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  Micro Wave 2 At a Glance
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Ab Wilson ( writes:
Basically I've had my hands on it for a day and so far the impression is very good. As mentioned before this is the long awaited update of the much respected synthesist's synthersiser the Micro Wave 1. Where the MW1 had digital wave tables driving analogue filters the MW2 is all digital. So purists may complain about this - fair enough - personally I don't think the sound has suffered. The advantage of going digital is that the filters are now multimode and there are two of them per voice. They keep adding new filter types with every software update - see their website for the current spec. The other improvements are two extra voices over the MW1 8, only 4 outputs but these are now polyphonic and can be used as stereo pairs. I'll write more when I've had more time to play.

Comments About the Sounds:
This is basically an updated version of the original Micro Wave. The main difference is the the MW2 is all digital. The by comparison the sounds are cleaner (although there are parameters which add quantising and aliasing noise.)

(Thanks to Ab Wilson for this info.)
and Jon Gonda for the pic

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