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polychord writes:
Bought this one at ebay this year, so i want never miss it, programming in 16 steps, but it got 2 16 - step sequencing lines, so you can switch between both, very helpful is the "bassdrum - only" - button ;-). All sounds are could be played via MIDI, so you don't have to use the built-in sequencer, if you want to use an external one. There is an exotic - looking socket on the backside, if you own a matching plug (plug looks like a one i know from german telecomunication appliances called "System V55"), you got the possibillity to solder a cable with all required outputs and (!!!) trigger out's!!!. How the pins are used, is to see in the orignal manual (can you get from the producers homepage at , photos of the DRM are also availiable (website only in german language!)). The sounds are produced analog, but are not manually adjustable, but this is no prob, because it sounds "naturally" very fine ;-). The internal sequencer consists of 16 preprogrammed, non-changeable pattern and 10 free programmable (are stored the in the memory after switching off the DRM, if you put in before batteries).Hope, my review is a little bit helpful, my english is just a awful mess...

Comments About the Sounds:
Bass Drum not so strange as the 909 one, but even better as a 606, sounds a litte bit 808 - like, nice, fat but crispy hihat - sounds...

(Thanks to polychord for this info.)
and IMMORECORDS for the pic

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