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Picture needed arrowReleased: early 1998  Specifications
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Shannon writes:
The visionaries behind Bryce 3D have brought the same power to the world of sound. Here it is! Their sound sculpturing tool for those alien dreamscapes! This just might be the most important yet unhyped product of the year. Metasynth brings the color of sound to reality by allowing you to visually interpret and maniplute audio signals. Every naunce of sound can be instantly reached through the high resolution of today's modern computers. Whole scores can be attained, reshaped, resampled, manipulated, filtered, and tweaked to desire. This interface may rival the keyboard in terms of expression alone. As for the sound that the program can create... it ranges from absolute pure additive synth harmonics to full out frenzied spacial spasms. Think of every pixel on your screen (512 by 1024) being an oscillator, with controls over pitch volume and envelope. I loaded some drum and bass style samples in as a test and I started building a beat matrix that far surpassed what my sampler ! could do. This program is making me look differently at the other tools in my home studio; not as less adequate but rather subordinate to the potential of the program. I must still actually buy it. Yes the whole time I've been ranting about the demo. There is also a sequencing package called 'Xx" that allows complex compostions. Metasynth is a must for painters, beginners, tekheads, and orchestrative composers.

Comments About the Sounds:
I still can't believe my Mac can sing.

(Thanks to Shannon for this info.)

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