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  Hot Keyz At a Glance
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Dean Nye writes:
For a toy, this thing has no right to sound as good as it does. Even though it has some cheesy pre-sequenced patterns and a built in speaker, it features a dual keyboard. One is for bass lines and the other is for lead lines. And get this- the headphone jack is wired in stereo! The bass keys pan to the left and the lead keys pan to the right. Its lightning bolt body shape and tacky sticker make it clear this is for kids, but an adult with a sampler and some effects (like me) could have some serious fun with it. Its coolest feature is the filter cutoff lever (labeled "wah-wah"). This gives it semi-serious techno power. And if that's not enough, it even comes with a built in strap! Woo-hoo! A MIDI interface and AC inputs would have been nice, but, hey, for $10, I can live with these restrictions. If you find one, buy it and have a ball!

Comments About the Sounds:
Very analog sounding. It features one basic sound which can be temporarily edited with different envelopes, vibrato and filter cutoff- pretty cool for a toy.

(Thanks to Dean Nye for this info.)
and for the pic

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I Am Not Your Slave.mp3 Recorded at Club Soda's Open Mic Night on Block Island, David K jammed on HotKeyz with a drummer and bassist on "I Am Not Your Slave." Hear it, Love it & Order a CD of 72 minutes of hot HotKeyz!
David Kay and his HotKeyz in Action at Simulsite Convention, NYC. David Kay, the leading HotKeyz player, in performance at Postmasters Gallery in NYC as part of the Simulsite Convention.

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