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Jon writes:
This is a nightmare to program, as it has 6 buttons and a 2 line LCD, but it's a great FM unit. Once you figure out how FM works, you should be able to get huge amounts of bass out of it. I use it for bass, straight to DAT. It can go subsonic without any hassle. The FM can be quite subtly used for sine basses with a bit more 'bite', or you can make some nice techno bass blips, and housey basses as well, depending on how you set up the harmonics. It is also pretty nice for digital mayhem, fed into a couple of FX units, and you can make some pretty cold sounding pads too if that's your thing. But I love it for the bass.

Sonic Says:Used for a paricular bass sound in house and garage, Euro, hi energy that you just can't make any other way. Most notably- Doug Lazy- Let it roll and some of the early Tecnotronic stuff.

Comments About the Sounds:
Utter bass monster - great for dub/jungle sine basses, and house/techno bass. With a bit of programming, you can go from subliminal to aggresive via note velocity, which is nice. Can also do mangled digital noise if you fix some oscillators at one pitch and pitchbend the others - gives nasty sounds, which sound immense if you stick through a big reverb.

(Thanks to Jon for this info.)

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