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  TX-16W Sampler Module At a Glance
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Anonymous writes:
"The Yamaha TX16w is a 12 bit, 16 voice sampler. Its sound is one of thebest of all 12 bit samplers, but the original operating system is one ofthe worst. However, a new operating system Typhoon, written by frustratedhackers from Sweden, is quite sophisticated and makes the TX16w a powerfulmusical instrument."

Comments About the Sounds:

and Brahim HAMADI CHAREF for the pic

Links for the Yamaha TX-16W Sampler Module
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Typhoon 2000, alternative OS for TX16W, now freeware.
the tx16w users site home of the FAQ and huge sample ftp-site
the TX16W sound sample archive, over 200MB huge archive of sample sounds in tx16w's native and wav format
Typhoon FAQ Frequently asked questions about the alternative operating system Typhoon for the Yamaha TX16W sampler.

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