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Arnold Kopping writes:
This is an electronic drummodule with trig mics(incl). It should be cool to sequence it but I haven't tried. Very cheap and well worth it's money. Especially for the SD and BD. There is probably only one oscillator which is the source for all 6 sounds. It's small and looks like a toy, maybe it is. It's in desktop format with 4x6 knobs + 2 volumes for main and phones on the panel. 7 trig ins and phones on front. 6 parallell outs + 1 mixed on back. Very simple.

Comments About the Sounds:
Each sound have volume and trig.sensibility + 2 knobs for adjusting characteristics.BD and Toms have ATTACK and PITCH. SD has SNAPPY and PITCH. HH has DECAY and TONE. There are three toms, hi, mid and lo. Not very funny and very similar. BD is ok ,BONNNNG.. or DUHH!!, messing with the attack will waste your ears. SD is very nice, it's all about increasing the noise. HH can be made very trashy. A humming sounds is heard thruu the Phones but on the Outs the soundlevel is so low I can't hear it there.

(Thanks to Arnold Kopping for this info.)

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