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  SX-400 At a Glance
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Analogue Crazy writes:
Very similar in voice structure to the Roland Jupiter-4 but thats where the comparison ends. It sounds completely different to the JP-4 and has some very different features. Like the JP-4 there is no autotune so you have to manually tune each VCO with a screwdriver, but its far more stable than the Jupiter. This synth is a forgotten gem. It sounds nice and thick due to VCO's and is very usable in any kind of electronic music. If you have room for it that is, this unit is huge for a 4 voice synth. Highly reccomended.

Comments About the Sounds:
Not particually characterful but nice and warm. Sounds massive in unison mode with 4 VCOs one each note.

(Thanks to Analogue Crazy for this info.)

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