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  Microcon II At a Glance
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Matthew Watson writes:
Very well built, a bit pricy, but worth it for a true analog synth, sure to be a rare classic some day. I originally bought one thinking it was a TB clone, whereas it is more of a Arp or Moog clone [a baby clone.] With the MIDI in, plus a CV and a gate, it could easily be incorporated into most any synth setup. It creates some truly unique sounds, and could be used in conjuction with effects pedals for a vast array of possiblities. Also, the filter [12/24 db switchable] SCREAMS!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
Very basic very small analog synth w/one ocillator a with square and saw waveform, 12/24 db filter, subocillator. Cool little monster true analog synthesizer

(Thanks to Matthew Watson for this info.)

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